Dedicated to the service of Humanity
Sevashram Hospital
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With the Blessings of
Mahatma Gandhiji
Conceived by
Dr. Chandulal Desai and Sardar Patel
First Building Inaugurated by, The First President of India
Renovated Building to be Inaugurated by The Honorable President of India
Shri Pranab Mukherjee


Chandulal Desai

Before it became the epitome of service to humanity, Sevashram Hospital was an enclosure of densely grown trees sheltering a lot of parrots nests and was hence called, “maina popat ni wadi". This caught attention of Dr. Chandulal Desai who had recently shifted from Mumbai. He decided to turn this small jungle in to a worship house of service to humanity. That’s how the foundation thought of Sevashram was laid in 1920.

During the time when there was a wave of national awakening in India after Mahatama Gandhi's countrywide movement against Black acts, Dr. Chandulal Desai fondly known as “Chote Sardar” under the able leadership of Mahatama Gandhi started various public awareness activities and Sevashram was one of them.  

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Sevashram hospital Dental Clinic

Sevashram Hospital started with a small dental clinic but with passing time and the increasing need of medical services a new building was inaugurated by the President of The Indian Republic, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on 1st of March 1952. 

Sevashram Road, Opp. Hostel Ground, Bharuch - 392001, Gujarat